Was sliding around (in the snow) and it became a joke on the

Was terrible, Gearin said. Was sliding around (in the snow) and it became a joke on the canvassing board. Board decided right away that all their meetings would be open. The standard 500L’s overall shape is reminiscent of the MINI Countryman, although the rounded lights and smooth front end help to set the newcomer apart.The MPW adds another 20cm of bodywork to the rear end, but this makes it look tail heavy when compared to the standard car. And while dark colours help to disguise the extra metalwork, the awkward rear, tall roof and upright windows mean the Fiat isn’t as neatly proportioned as the Kia Carens.Although the exterior lacks cohesion, the Fiat’s interior is pretty stylish. The seats get neat two tone fabrics with 500L branding, and the dash takes cues from the 500 city car.

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