There are no pensioners

If nothing else, Pierpoint Landing offered almost invariably spectacular dusks as the sun set gloriously behind the Palos Verdes Peninsula. In the late ’50s, when there were relatively few attractions in Southern California, the place was packed on a weekend. In ’57, three acres of parking were added to the existing seven, making room for more than 1,000 cars, and millions of visitors had spent a cheap afternoon at Pierpoint Landing since it opened in 1948 with nothing more than a ticket booth and a pair of boats.

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22, marks the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in the case of Roe vs. Wade. In 1973, a 21 year old pregnant woman from Texas wanted to abort her pregnancy. I tried a few variations in wording, and I tried a few different search strategies. I was about to give up when one of my Google Books searches found the “two pines” phrase, attributed to Muir, in Reinhabiting a Separate Country: A Bioregional Anthology of Northern California (edited by Peter Berg, San Francisco, California: Planet Drum Foundation, 1978). I readily confess that I am suspicious of any book whose title includes the word “bioregional”.

FILE In this Feb. 1, 2016, file photo, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach, second from left, is flanked by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, left, and LA 2024 chairman Casey Wasserman, second from right, and UCLA chancellor Gene Block, right, during a news conference in Los Angeles. Los Angeles leaders this week are trying to sell their plan to host the Olympic Games to visiting members of the International Olympic Committee.

There are no pensioners getting or expecting anything for free. The majority of pensioners have paid their Council tax all their working lives and are entitled to the same level of Leisure activities as every other age group. Many pensioners who live alone find the only social interaction they have is through their bowling.

In repeated tests of the two detector types including one test conducted by the Hook and local fire departments in June 2008 ionization detectors remained silent even as smoke and poisonous gases grew thick enough to obscure vision and require observers to don breathing apparatus. Such a scenario in a residence is a horrifying possibility that happens more frequently than some might imagine. Fire Administration, there are 1,500 on campus or off campus fires annually.