The four categories

The four categories other than restaurant purchases tended to rise or fall with income level in rather predictable fashion. You would expect poorer Americans to spend a greater percentage of their incomes on necessities such as non durables and fuel, while wealthier Americans can afford to spend a greater percentage of their income on big ticket durable items and indulge in other, non essential services. The survey confirms those tendencies.

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The rubber armor’s ribbed design and grippy texture should keep the drive from slipping through your fingers. Unfortunately, the tackiness has a tendency to attract dust and other particles that don’t wipe off easily. Also, while the armor is wrapped snugly around the drive, you can easily roll up all of the edges.

If the house is high up, the good news is you won’t need to worry about getting flooded out; the bad news is that it can sometimes be a long, steep walk down to your dock. For a lot of people, that might be just fine. However, for those of us who might be pondering a hip or knee replacement, those stairs might be too much.