Many Haitians seek work and a better life in the US or other

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pandora earrings A bloody rebellion, and pressure from the US and France pandora earrings, forced Mr Aristide out of the country in 2004.Since then, an elected leadership has taken over from an interim government and a UN stabilisation force has been deployed. But Haiti is still plagued by violent confrontations between rival gangs and political groups and the UN has described the human rights situation as “catastrophic”.Meanwhile, Haiti’s most serious underlying social problem, the huge wealth gap between the impoverished Creole speaking black majority and the French speaking minority, 1% of whom own nearly half the country’s wealth, remains unaddressed.Many Haitians seek work and a better life in the US or other Caribbean nations, including the neighbouring Dominican Republic, which is home to hundreds of thousands of Haitian migrants.Furthermore, the infrastructure has all but collapsed and drug trafficking has corrupted the judicial system and the police.Haiti is also ill equipped to deal with the aftermath of the tropical storms that frequently sweep across the island, with severe deforestation having left it vulnerable to flooding. It also lies in a region prone to earthquakes.Natural disaster struck with full force early in 2010, when the capital Port au Prince was hit by aMr Martelly ran an unusually slick campaign, enlisting the help of election consultants to project a more serious image than that of the flamboyant musician who made his name playing compas dance music in the 1980s.Mr Martelly had eschewed any involvement in the growing opposition to the Duvalier regime in the 1980s, and only became politically active in opposition to President Jean Bertrand Aristide, Haiti’s first freely elected president in 1991.Mr Martelly’s shows were patronised by some leading figures in the violent military dictatorship that ousted Mr Aristide later that year, which is when he acquired the nickname of “Sweet Micky” pandora earrings.

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