help but recommend

It’s so incredibly weird that it made me laugh, so I can’t help but recommend it.So there you have it! Of all those, I most enjoyed Kiitaro’s yokai picture diary, Miss Bernard said., and SENGOKUCHOJYUGIGA. So many shorts!I didn’t have the time to watch quite as many of the shorts as I would have liked since Preview Guide coincided with the Jewish High Holy Days this time around, but there was an impressive variety of them. While nothing still quite compares to Seny as my all time favorite short, Nyanbo! is pretty terrific and possibly the cat show I’ve been waiting for.

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Studying in Montreal, Quebec, Canada; get away to Toronto, Ontario, Canada Montreal is home to several international universities including McGill, Concordia and the University of Montreal and is popular with undergraduate and graduate students alike. The second largest French speaking city in the world after Paris, it offers a European feel and plenty of arts and culture without heading overseas. And it provides the perfect opportunity for weekend getaways to Toronto.