Gnewt is part owned by shipping DX Group

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Replica Hermes Birkin London’s delivery companies are experimenting with electric vehicles to curb the smog spewed by vans distributing parcels packed with goods purchased on the Internet. Gnewt is part owned by shipping DX Group, counting TNT Express and Hermes Parcelnet among its customers.With their emissions free electric motors silently navigating 20,000 packages a day through London streets, Gnewt could also deliver a breath of fresh air to Europe’s biggest city.The government says London’s pollution levels will probably breach European Union limits until at least 2030, a problem the Royal College of Physicians estimates causes 40,000 people a year to die early.London expects a 20 per cent increase in van traffic within the next 15 years traceable solely to things bought from the web.Gnewt’s vans, which also use centralised depots to reduce the number of journeys, is seen as one solution to curb the smog and traffic generated by online order deliveries.”My clients send me all of their freight in bulk through the night, and then we will sort it and do the last mile in town with zero emissions,” Sam Clarke, founder and director of Gnewt Cargo, said.London isn’t alone in battling smog stemming from home shopping and the costs in financial and environmental terms of the last kilometre that packages travel before they tumble into the hands of consumers.Electric vehicles for delivery have caught the eye of Alibaba Group Holding Replica Hermes Birkin Bags, which controls more than half China’s online shopping market and is working with electric vehicle manufacturer Kandi Technologies Group Inc to bolster use of the technology.”Traffic jams, air pollution are pushing gasoline powered cars into a dead end,” Kandi President Hu Xiaoming said. “The development of data technologies is providing us with an enormous opportunity to make electric cars much easier to use.”The appetite for online shopping is also growing as developing nations connect to the web Replica Hermes Birkin.

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