Voices of the Protest (video) | Голоси протесту (відео)

What did really happen on the Ukrainian Maidan? What are the causes of the war in the east of Ukraine? It is very difficult to find clear answers to these questions about the contemporary Ukrainian situation. The information war complicates this task. The fog of propaganda obscures the actual events with malicious fabrications. As a rule, most commentators reproduce the binary logic that resembles the second edition of the Cold War. Media controlled by the Russian government describe the Maidan as a ‘fascist coup’ and explain the subsequent events as produced by its ‘fascist’ ideology confronted by the Russian ‘anti-fascist’ opposition. According to the the Western, Ukrainian and Russian liberal media, the Maidan was a popular revolution against the authoritarian post-Soviet regime, and Russia has made the imperialist intervention against the uprising. However, these descriptions greatly simplify the real situation. This film offers an alternative view of these events. Ukrainian left-wing activists, trade unionists, human rights activists, as well as sociologists talk about controversial aspects of the Ukrainian crisis.

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