Ukrainian Protest and Coercion Data Project

Since September 2009 participants of Ukrainian Protest and Coercion Data project have been collecting data on all protest events that have happened in Ukraine, regardless of their size and demands, as well as the data on responses to them. The data includes, but is not limited to: time, place and type of the events, information about participants and their demands.  All the events that have been reported by more than 190 selected Ukrainian web-media are included in the database.

Besides the collection of the data, the project is also aimed to draw attention of journalists, social scientists, politicians and broader public to grassroots social-economic protests in Ukraine as well as to provide support for the freedom of assembly in Ukraine in cooperation with the Human Rights Campaign “For Peaceful protest!” and other progressive social movements and activist media.

Center for Social and Labor Research regards collection, analysis and publication of information about protest events not only as a research task, but as one of the essential steps in establishing horizontal networks of solidarity and trust, which are needed to create mass movement in defense of basic social rights of the residents of the country. Development of public social science is one of the main tasks of the Center for Social and Labor Research and, therefore, we see scientific explanation not as an end in itself, but as means and impetus for progressive change in society.

The results of monitoring are regularly published as press releases of the Center for Social and Labor Research, analytical articles in various media and journalistic commentaries on popular blogging systems. At the beginning of each year we publish the final report on the main trends in protest and repressive activities and major protest campaigns of the previous year. We also plan to develop an online tool for the visualization of data on protests, repressions and concessions from the beginning of 2011 in the form of simple graphs and maps.

When using any of our data or publications, please cite Center for Social and Labor Research and Ukrainian Protest and Coercion Data project.

Project of monitoring of protests, repressions and concessions is conducted by the department of social protests studies of the Center for Social and Labor Research and has been made possible by the people who took part in it:

Coders: Larysa Mova, Pavlo Rud’, Vitaliy Atanasov, Laura Babayeva, Daryna Balyts’ka, Ihor Bihun, Serhiy Bilosludtsev, Dmytro Bilous, Olena Blyzna, Vitaliy Boyko, Anastasiya Vlasenko, Ulyana Vel’hosh, Anna Veremchuk, Hanna Vecher, Kateryna Herasymchuk, Ivan Hisem, Andriy Hladun, Natalya Hnativ, Maryna Honcharenko, Yuliya Horodys’ka, Hanna Hrytsenko, Ol’ha Hrytsenko, Valentyn Dehtyar, Roman Dryamov, Bohdan Dubyl’vs’kyy, Oksana Dutchak, Kostyantyn Zadyraka, Anna Zymovets’, Natalya Ishchenko, Yevhen Kapshuk, Dmytro Karachan, Al’ona Kachkan, Anastasiya Koval’s’ka, Iryna Kohut, Dar”ya Kozlova, Daryna Korkach, Ostap Kuchma, Denys Lavryk, Yaroslav Lyakhovych, Mar”yana Mazurak, Roman Mel’nyk, Oksana Myroshnychenko, Valentyna Musina, Pavlo Nikitin, Yuriy Oliynyk, Yevhen Orlov, Lidiya Petrusha, Anna Pivovar, Maksym Rozyskul, Olena Serhiyenko, Olena Skrypnyk, Daryna Slyz’konis, Lesya Slyusarenko, Tetyana Teslyuchenko, Taras Tymochko, Kostyantyn Fedorenko, Natalya Fedorova, Ol’ha Khudets’ka, Oleksandra Tsekhanovs’ka, Tetyana Tsybul’nyk, Svitlana Tsurkan, Oleksandr Chubko, Kateryna Shandro, Ol’ha Shevchenko, Maryna Shpiker, Oleksandr Shpyhunov, Mykyta Yanyuk.

Coordinators and volunteers: Hanna Hrytsenko, Valentyn Dehtyar, Oksana Dutchak, Natalya Ishchenko, Iryna Kohut, Daryna Korkach, Yaroslav Lepyavko, Daryna Pyrohova, Inna Sovsun, Tetyana Tsybul’nyk, Svitlana Tsurkan, Maryna Shpiker.

Analysts: Andriy Hladun, Oksana Dutchak, Danylo Yevtukhov, Natalya Ishchenko, Daryna Korkach, Ostap Kuchma, Al’ona Lyasheva, Taras Salamanyuk, Kostyantyn Fedorenko, Maryna Shpiker.

Information Coordinators: Daryna Korkach, Nina Potars’ka.

Data Production coordinators: Yevhen Orlov, Oksana Dutchak.

Director: Volodymyr Ishchenko.

We appreciate the assistance of the departments of Sociology and Political Science of tNational University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” and the assistance of Olena Bogdanova, associate professor of the department of sociology of University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”.

The project is supported by National Endowment for Democracy and International Fund “Vidrodzhennya”.