Statistics from Maidan protest events: participants, geography, violence

This report is the first attempt to analyze Maidan based on the results of systematic research on protests, repressions and concessions of protesters in Ukraine. Since the end of 2009 the Center for Social and Labor Research has been creating a unique database of all protest events taking place on the territory of Ukraine based on the monitoring of almost 200 national, regional and activist web-media sources. The database now allows us to answer some topical questions about the most important event in the recent history of Ukraine, which are still the subject of numerous political speculations. In particular, who exactly participated the most in Maidan protests? What was the real role of the far right in Maidan (the Svoboda party and the Right Sector)? Was Maidan really a nation-wide rebellion? What was the contribution of Maidans outside of Kyiv, in the West and in the East of the country? What was the impact of the violent struggle on Maidan’s victory?

Download Statistics from Maidan protest events: participants, geography, violence

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