Repressions against protests April-August 2015

The report presents the systematic research of protests, repressions and concessions of protesters in Ukraine in April-August 2015 on protest activity and negative (repressive) reactions to the protests. The calculations below are valid for the territory controlled by Ukrainian government and do not include combat actions in  the Donbass and all events on the territory of Crimea and Sevastopol, and the parts of Donentsk and Lugansk regions controlled by separatist authorities. Some positive tendencies of a decrease in negative reactions against protests, which were present in 2014, are reversed now as the general level of negative reactions has increased. Although most of them are against ultraviolent actions of militants in the Donbass, the frequency of repressions against peaceful protests raising social, economic and civil rights issues is also increased substantially. In April-August 2015, protests of such categories saw repressions more frequently than in the last year of Yanukovych. Moreover, if the participants of peaceful socio-economic protests raise political issues and criticize local or central government, the probability of incurring reprisals for them increases. At the same time, the government often ignores the violence in ideological protests. Such tendencies might lead to the normalization of repression and systematic errors. Selectivity of repression might lead to the spread of political and ideological violent crackdowns. In turn, repressions against politicization of the protest  might lead to the instrumentalization of government repression to secure its dominance in political struggles.

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