How did the protests change after a year since Maidan?

The report presents the systematic research of protests, repressions and concessions in Ukraine in August-October 2014 on protest activity a year after Maidan. In August – October 2014 the number of protests was 2-3 times higher than in the year 2013 before Maidan. Number of protests increased in all regions except in Crimea. Most unexpected increase was seen in the Eastern region (not including the Donbass). The level of violence and confrontation during protests in the last three months is breaking all historical records (even without taking into account the fighting actions in the Anti-Terrorist Operation area), concentrating in the Eastern and Southern regions. In August and September the largest share of protests raised ideological issues, however, in October the protests were largely political – which was not typical for the protest activity in Ukraine before Maidan. At the same time, however, the absolute number of socio-economic protests did not decrease from the time before Maidan instead it is gradually increasing. Political parties, NGOs, trade unions are not able to join the high wave of protest activity. Herewith, the pro-government centrist as well as leading opposition parties drastically reduced their participation in the protests. The most notable political forces in the protests were the far right, while the ‘Right Sector’ was significantly more active than the ‘Svoboda’ party.

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