Conference “Possibilities for alternative socio-economic development of Ukraine”

International conference

7th of November 2015, Kyiv

Organized by “Commons” Journal of Social Critique and Center for Social and Labor Research

After the Ukrainian events of 2013-2014 which led to a change of the government, significant structural transformations have taken place in the country. Military operations, loss of control over Eastern industrial enterprises, and neoliberal economic policies have led to an intensification of crisis processes in almost all spheres of the society. The government has cut social security under the pressure of international creditors. It is redistributing scanty resources to serve external debt and finance law-enforcement and military authorities. All this has led to increasing poverty already affecting the broad population.

Such actions are justified by war. Alternative paths of development are rejected and are not discussed being labeled as a threat of separatism, a provocation and a play in favor of Russia.

Ukrainian austerity policy is not a unique one. Austerity measures are being imposed by international financial institutions and accepted by local elites almost everywhere, both by the countries of the periphery and in regions closer to capitalistic core (such as Southern Europe).

What are international examples of successful resistance to neoliberal offensive and what are their main problems? Are there alternatives of development for Ukraine under current conditions? And can leftist forces suggest a program of changes which would be supported by and unite indignant population all over the country, both in Eastern and Western Ukraine? What role can trade unions play in this process and which of their actions can be successful under the conditions of worsening economic crisis and a shortening of production?

On the 7th of November in Kyiv, participants of the international conference on alternative socio-economic development will try to answer these questions. The conference will include discussions with participation of leftist and trade union activists, intellectuals from Ukraine, Russia, Greece and other countries on the following topics:

–       Possibilities of alternative socio-economic development: what can be the alternatives to neoliberal reforms? What is needed in order to achieve a sufficient support of such a program and a successful implementation of it in Ukraine?

–       Preconditions, successes and failures of resistance to austerity measures in international experience. How can this experience be used in Ukrainian situation?

–       Possibilities and obstacles for development of an independent trade union movement in Ukraine. What can trade unions suggest under the conditions of a strengthening offensive of the capital on the labor?

Conference is organized with the support of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

Applications for participation should be submitted by the 7th of October to e-mail: Please, indicate your paper title, include a short annotation (up to 500 characters), your name and surname, address and organization (optional). Organization committee of the conference will consider the possibility but cannot guarantee a compensation of travel expenses and accommodation.


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