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Besides creating an impression that India is the disaster capital of the world, or what news TV would call a permanent Ground Zero, creation of these new forces, structures and purely relief oriented activity make some unsound presumptions. One, that disasters can’t be prevented. It all gets distilled to numbers: battalions of central forces, boats, columns of army, helicopters and, finally, relief money.

The first Saturday in September is Oberlin’s city wide garage sale. All over town, people clean out their basements and hold yard sales; usually there’s a giant map. This is an awesome opportunity to walk around, explore the community, and talk to some of the Wholesale hockey Jerseys folks who live here something that a lot of Oberlin students don’t do, especially in their first year.

Thursday nights they have a band made up of friends of the owner (who s in his seventies). They play accordion, mandolin, piano, and washtub bass, and generally have more fun than virtuosity. Try the spaghetti. The dumplings are made as you wait. The cook rolls out the dough, adds the mix and closes up the dumplings with exactly 18 pleats. In the steamer, the iced broth melts.

Was the type of person that everybody looked up to and he was always there for you. Niece Kelly Kohatsu remembered her uncle being calm and a person who liked to joke around with family and customers. Kohatsu, whose mother also worked at the store, began helping out when she was in the 7th grade as a girl, before eventually going to work for Aloha Airlines..

Chee Chopra’s comedy “about the only two dudes in the Silicon Valley who have nothing to do with technology” won a Special Jury Prize for comedy at the LA Film Festival last year. A brace of underachieving Desi collection agents in Palo Alto (Sunkrish Bala ofThe Walking Deadand Dominic Rains ofA Girl Walks Alone At Night) misadventure their way through the hazards of their jobs, until family ties force them to man up a little. Unpreviewed, but Chopra’s earlier filmPunching at the Sunwas a hit at Sundance.

Little Italy in Willow Glen? Pretty darn close. La Villa Delicatessen is as close to pick up and go Italian food as Silicon Valley can get without heading into North Beach or hopping the next flight on Al Italia. A small but cozy shop, La Villa packs in a selection of nonperishable Italian pastas, olive oil, tomato sauces, biscotti and gnocchi brands in addition to cheeses, wine, prepacked pesto and alfredo sauces, fresh loaves of bread and a counter to order panini (sandwiches).