“All sun protection products are considered sunblocks

Nova Scotia Energy Minister Andrew Younger makes an active transportation funding announcement at the Pictou County Wellness Centre as Active Pictou County Member Greg Hayward, left, Pictou County Municipal Warden Ronnie Baillie and Health Minister Leo Glavine look on. Around $50,000 in funding, split evenly from the municipality and the province, will go toward a feasibility study to make the Wellness Centre more accessible to New Glasgow and Stellarton on foot and by bike. JOHN BRANNEN THE NEWS.

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fake oakleys A silent https://www.oakleysunglasses2cheap.com/, invisible danger lurks amid summer’s sun filled days, as ultraviolet rays will wreak havoc on exposed skin.Whether it’s UVA rays which lead to premature aging or UVB rays which can burn the skin and lead to cancer it’s best to be proactive when dealing with any sun exposure.Officials recommend covering skin, wearing wide brimmed hats and sunglasses and, of course, using sunblock. But current sun protection options are varied, and often befuddling.”Consumers are more savvy and they know they need to be protected,” said Arnisha Hallett Jones, chief marketing officer for the international skin care company Kiss My Face, which is based in Gardiner. “They want naturally effective products.”All sun protection products are considered sunblocks, but there are two distinct approaches to protecting skin, said Glenn Arpino, a pharmacist with Dermasave labs in Pleasant Valley and a founder of Hudson Valley Skin Care.Mineral blocks, such as zinc, reflect rays, while chemical blocks, rated by SPFs, absorb ultraviolet rays.(Photo: Getty Images)READ MORE:Limit your time in the sun, skip the tanning bed”Zincs are most likely safer than the chemicals,” he said. fake oakleys

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